We see: Zillion Skateboards

The artist "Zillion" has started making these vintage-one-of-a-kind-kimono-fabric-covered-skate-decks. At 850$ I don't think you'd want to take these for a spin, but who cares... mount these works of art on your walls? See them all on Cool Hunting.


We lust: Crystal bullet necklaces

We're lusting over these crystal-incrusted-into-a-bullet necklaces. Each one is one of a kind made by Unearthen, and can be purchased for a steep 320-340$ on BonaDrag.


VERAMEAT is a New York based jewelry company. They specialize in necklaces, rings, and bracelets in both silver and gold. We're big fans of their 2-3 finger rings (nope! still not sick of that fad)
Photos from her website


We laugh at: Designer Grub

We love: Eric Pfeiffer's Wood Whales

Pfeiffer makes these wooden desktop whales to hold your belongings at his workshop in Michigan. Each one is handcrafted, signed and numbered. He currently uses white pine, but a coveted, beautiful batch of 20 were made out of redwood, while it was available.

At 50$US, these are quite a ridiculous investment, the ultimate kitsch... but we're still entertained.


We wear: Milk From a Thistle

Milk From a Thistle is a Sydney based company run by Danielle Atkinson. Our favourites from her collection are the maxi dresses; boldly printed, summery and whimsical. Unfortunately, unlike Australia, it's not always summer here, so we're anxiously waiting for our summer to incorporate these into our daily life.
And how about the amazing clogs in all of the lookbook photos?

All photos from her website


We see: Morgan Hyslop

Morgan Hyslop is known for getting backstage at the best runway shows, as well as going to music festivals to get quite a wide range of amazing shots.
Burning Man Festival
LCD Soundsystem
Alexander Wang

Photos from his website


We wear: Upstate

Upstate is an American designer who creates hand-dyed textiles. Each piece is dyed in the Japanese shibori style or dip dyed.
Photos from their website


We wear: Louise Dungate

We are getting toasty for Louise Dungate's luxury knitwear. She handknits each piece herself with ecological wool (usually merinos & silks). The result: giant, oversized, thick scarves & mittens & hats to keep us warm throughout this winter. Shop her website or her etsy shop.

Photos from her website


We see: Maia Flore

Maia Flore graduated from art school in Paris, and since then has been creating these dreamy, lustful, sometimes creepy photographs.
All photos from her website

We lust: Burberry Studded Gloves

We are crazy for these Burberry studded gloves!
Photo from UO

We knit: Magic Mirror mittens

...they made it to Marseille with Zoe!


We shop: Les Jumelles Boutique

We love the charm necklaces on sale at Les Jumelles Boutique, which, contrary to their French name, is a store originating in Barcelona.