We see: Bigoni-Mortemard Architecture

This architecture group based out of Paris has made really innovative creations. They take beauty in buildings to the next level emphasizing geometric shapes.

Industrial building in Rouen, 2010.

"villas for diplomats" in Alger, 2001.


We DIY: Candles and More

We decided to do something about some of the old jars we had lying around. So we made some candles and a catch all. A quick and easy fix to the junk we had piling up!


We shop: Diana Eng fortune cookie coin-purses

These fortune cookie coin purses are definitely the cutest things to EVER come out of Project Runway. Designer Diana Eng has been a busy bee since she left the show, but out of all her creations we're obsessing over these. Each one is 4" X 4" X 2", individually numbered, and stamped with a fortune on the inside. The serial numbers correspond to where she found the leather. For example, numbers 001-99 were
"Preconsumer scraps from a high-end designer furniture company
After furniture patterns are cut out, this leather scrap is left over. These scraps were destined for the dumpster, but a friend at the company saved them for me."
Naturally (due to awesomeness), these are sold out, but in two days you can start placing requests for orders (at 65$) here!
Photos from her website

We obsess: Deerlings & Ghostthings

We've got a crush on the blog Deerlings & Ghostthings. Other than the fact that these WHIMSICAL photos are by Lola, it remains quite a mystery. Dig it.


We see: Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011

Sarah Burton takes military seriously.
But if you could make awesome looks like this...
wouldn't you?

Photos from FGR


We decorate: ImagineNations

Wendy Gold has been transforming household items into découpage works of art since she graduated from San Francisco State University in 1995. She's been designing in the Bay Area ever since, and has just come out with a line of themed world globes for ImagineNations. We know, random, right? I've never really found the whole "découpage" fad that interesting, but let's face it, these globes are pretty sweet and would look really cool in anyone's house. Almost makes me want to run to the thrift store, find a globe and get cutting...
ideas are brewing.

All photos from their site (linked above)


We wear: Opening Ceremony X Levi's

There hasn't been a collaboration this exciting since peanut butter met jelly!