We explore, Victoria

Victoria makes garbage and recycling classy?
Some guys playing Damien Rice by the Harbour


We respect, Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld once tweeted, 'A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul.' We think that's great way to look at personal style.


We stalk: Sasha Pivovarova

This girl has managed to remain "the it girl" model for longer than most. Her style is fresh, and she seems to be a complete chameleon. Here she is in two beautiful photo-shoots, looking like two entirely different characters.

Decked out in Ferretti, Lanvin, and YSL, Pivovarova plays mom in these photographs seen through Mikael Jansson's lens for Vogue Paris.

Sharp and refined for Vogue US in Bottega Veneta, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Photos from FGR

We knit: Magic Mirror Mittens

Currently knitting these "magic mirror mittens". I bought the Bergère de France wool in Marseille, so they feel like a souvenir. Unfortunately, I underestimated how much wool I would need and now I've had to order a third ball online because we don't have that store where I live. Quel dommage.


We bike: Rives du Lez


We lust: Lindsey Thornburg Tie Dye Dress

Lindsey Thornbug is an American designer who gets a lot of her inspiration through her trips to Peru. Beautiful craftsmanship mixed with eclectic, indigenous style, it's perfection.

We are particularily intruiged by this tie-dyed gown...
...classy perfection

All photos from the designer's website


We see: H+M 2010 Campaign

We don't know if it's the music, the model or the clothing but we can't get enough of H+M's new videos for their fall 2010 campaign.

We watch: A short film

Mr West has released a short film in anticipation of his new album due out November 22nd.



We see: Space Invader

Street artist Invader is based out of Paris and is known for the repetition of his work. His goal has been to put up mosaics showing the enemies of the original "space invader" arcade game all over the world. These funny mosaics are popping up all over the world now: a real invasion.

Aujourd'hui je suis allée prendre des photos des "invaders" à Montpellier, où ils se trouvent nombreuses. Ils sont comme un clin d'oeil venant directement d'Invader.