We DIY: Painted Toms

Case A: Ratty old TomsIn progress...
I think (for now at least)

We shop: Nike Gladiator 2 Sandal

We are...
wowed, boggled, petrified, intrigued, stumped, baffled, dumbfounded, mystified & most of all: straight up confused by these new GLADIATOR SANDALS BY NIKE. What ARE these?!


We shop: American Apparel Nail Lacquer

Seen in Poppy and Factory Grey

We knit: Aran Sweater

This aran sweater has been in progress since January... and is finally complete. My dad and I went and chose out 8 skeins of absolutely beautiful 100% merino called Merisoft Solid by Punta Yarns at Gina Brown's so that I could knit him a sweater for his birthday. For my sake, he was coaxed out of choosing mottled blue + gray and we decided on a dark green. The pattern is by Sirdar.
So satisfied with the finished product, and he is the happiest pa around!

We eat: PIG

Last weekend we indulged on some good eats in Victoria. On Blanshard and Johnson we visited a favourite of KMG and SA's: PIG BBQ Joint. It's a small corner location, with a laid back interior that kind of reminded me of Vancouver's Meat & Bread (another definite-favourite-must-eat). Equally as carnivorous, Pig offers: pork, pork, chicken, and... oh yeah, pork.
We arrived with hangovers, ready to eat...
Pulled pork poutine!
We conquered.


We thrift: the Patch & Value Village

Jean shorts / Levi Strauss & Guess? / the Patch
Purse / Polo by Ralph Lauren / the Patch
Crochet sweater / Value Village

Yellow cardigan / Value Village

Pinstriped blazer / Value Village
Pullover / Plenty