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As fall approaches more and more designers are showing off their best furs. Couture houses such as Dior and Paul&Joe are putting in their best (and beautiful) efforts to showcase them, seeing as they seem to be the centerpiece of the collection. But how do we feel about the "mainstreaming" of furs? The once en vogue jackets were happily waved goodbye by many, and their return is causing a lot of stir. Designers are risking some popularity by showing off their ultimate luxe jackets, but is it worth it for the beauty of it all?
Sara Blomqvist
September Vogue UK
After much debate last year, I caved, and purchased a beautiful rabbit fur coat second hand at the Patch in Victoria. In my mind, if the coat has been cherished by someone for many years prior to my owning it, it can't hurt to buy it out of grandma's closet. Can it?

I think some would agree, and some would disagree. Overall, I definitely receive mixed reviews from people when I wear it.

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lorenabr said...

The most important is that you feel great in it. :)