We decorate: ImagineNations

Wendy Gold has been transforming household items into découpage works of art since she graduated from San Francisco State University in 1995. She's been designing in the Bay Area ever since, and has just come out with a line of themed world globes for ImagineNations. We know, random, right? I've never really found the whole "découpage" fad that interesting, but let's face it, these globes are pretty sweet and would look really cool in anyone's house. Almost makes me want to run to the thrift store, find a globe and get cutting...
ideas are brewing.

All photos from their site (linked above)


Anonymous said...

these are sweet

Lee Oliveira said...

Loving the old fashion globe. I have a very old one from my grandparents that I have kept. So old that some of the countries have now changed names.