We see: One giant post

We've been pretty busy and haven't been able to do much blogging. But now that a half-day off has appeared in the midst, we thought we'd just include everything we've been thinking about in one huge post (of unrelated things). So here we go, one giant "we see":

Denim Chanel sneakers. They would look amazing with black jeans or even a dress, but we fear that they would be paired with other denim items. When is too much?
photo from UO

Muse Magazine featuring solely YSL clothes. As always: simplistic, beautiful and B&W, YSL conquers.
photos from Carla-A @ tfs
Jantaminiau floral dress. After seeing this photoshoot for Twill Magazine, we were weirded and downright confused by the model wrapped up cellophane... but that didn't stop us from noticing the eye-stopping dress from this shot. Saran or no saran wrap, it's beautiful.
Fendi Fall 2010 Campaign.
Earth tones + fur + Karl Lagerfeld behind the lens = a perfect campaign.
photos from FGR
Vogue China
photo from leFashion

Muse Magazine Summer 2010: they never cease to create artistic, out of the box photoshoots.

photos from Carla-A @ tfs
Vagabond S/S 10: Love the scenery, love the shoes.
photos from LeFashion

Hermes Fall Campaign: "la vie comme un conte"

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