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We obsess and spend too much time on etsy.com finding handmade and vintage treasures. Lately we've noticed how many amazing things you can find here for interior decorating. Individualistic craftsmanship does not seem to be hard to come by on this site, and the finds are spectacular.

Here are a few that caught our eye:

Janedandy's Custom Stacked Book Side Table is made with originality in mind. You provide your own books and they get incorporated into a personalized table.

Emilybucknell's lampshades are made in her UK studio, shown here in Ibiza Coral:

JoshUrsoDesign's Knoop rope coffee table is a particularly impressive find. He uses over 400" of white rope which is covered in resin and formed into a table base. The table is also offered with black or brown rope bases.
We are also fans of his puff pendant lights:

We're in love with Whiteowlporcelain's White Owl Vase! So cute, and would make the best umbrella stand.

AMradio's shop is filled with smaller items for the home, among which we found vintage globes, side tables and game boards

Johnandgigiathorne's Resting Birch Dining Table is another handcrafted beauty. (and they ship for free!)
All photos from Etsy.com

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