We lust: Ports 1961 Silk Dress

We lust over this beautiful batik silk dress by Tia Cibani for Ports 1961. Seen here in american Elle on Ashley Smith in Storming the Beach, the dress looks perfectly whimsical and is the perfect summer piece.


Hampden said...

I absolutely love this dress! I also love the way Elle styled it for the shoot! Hampden Clothing had this dress but it flew out of the store! Check them out online to view more of the Ports 1961 collection and many other fabulous designers!


SCW said...

I'm not surprised it flew off the shelves! The dress is stunning, and the batik print is perfect for summer. I checked out your website, and loved the rest of their collection (Furoshiki Back Tie Dress!).
Keep checking back on our blog as we might feature more items!