We knit: Cable Jacket + Phiaro Shawl

After 5 solid months, my cable knit swing jacket is finally finished. It has turned out well for the most part except for it's a size (or three) too big. Apparently this jacket takes "swing" to the next level because all of the measurements of the finished coat are correct, so it really is supposed to fit this large. The coat is warm, and not scratchy like I was worried it would be, so I think it will mostly get used around the house.

Now, I've started making a Phiaro Shawl like this one:
I'm making mine out of Rowan Bamboo Tape that I found at Dressew last month. It's incredibly brainless and is coming together quickly.

Meanwhile... my knit vintage turban has come out of hibernation, since I finally bought more wool to finish it.
Projects, projects, projects.

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