We observe: Head Scarves

It's been a recent obsession of ours to learn how to tie the perfect head scarf. We believe this love for the head scarf/turban began for us (and other headwear lovers) with the Prada 2007 collection, in which it was officially proven that the silk turban was so much more than a religious symbol... but the ultimate fashion accessory.

Prada 2007 / photos from style.com

Since Prada's "discovery" / innovation of this wondrous accessory, people have been testing out new ways to tie and wrap a head scarf.

"The Twist" from Jak&Jill blog

blogger Rachel from that's chic

Here's yet another way to wear it, seen in a recent spread from June 2010's Vogue Russia:
source: NeverDrinkAgain // tfs

Unfortunately, even after seeing "the turban" succeed time and time again to look great on others, we still find ourselves wondering...
how do they do it?
It is so much harder than it looks to pull this off as an effortless cool.


LaurieA (@Turban_Diva) said...

It's not hard at all - Well, it started out difficult, but when I lost my hair to chemo I was determined to find a way to make it easy. I invite you to visit my site at http://www.titillatingturbans.com/
and watch the video.

I'm a fabric addict, and working on some custom textiles over the next few months. Stay tuned!

LaurieA (@Turban_Diva) said...

p.s. You are welcome to visit my blog at http://laurieslabors.blogspot.com/